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Principal Software Engineer Audio DSP
Novi, Michigan - United States
Posted Date - 05/04/17
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Principal Software Engineer DSP

Location: Novi, MI, US

Full time direct hire

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Position Summary: This position is a principal embedded DSP software engineer within the Automotive Audio division. Products that will be developed are OEM automotive amplifiers and other similar audio processing products. Products typically consist of a microcontroller for configuration, communication and control and a DSP processor for audio processing. Software development work will be mainly working within complex, multi-threaded, multi-processor or multi-core architectures and audio frameworks to integrate DSP algorithms and control structures.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

This position does not have any direct or indirect reports; but principal level engineers are expected to mentor more junior engineers and help guide their careers and activities.

Job Responsibilities:

* Develop and integrate audio DSP algorithms for the automotive environment.

* Co-develop and/or work within complex, multi-threaded, multi-processor architectures and audio frameworks to integrate DSP algorithms and control structures

* Develop production ready software following a defined software development process

* Design software features and architectures for an audio amplifier platform based on interpretation of customer requirements and/or technology development initiatives.

* Resolve design conflicts arising from multiple requirement sources and maximize code re-use, flexibility and scalability

* Conceptualize multiple use cases to design a single system to suit many uses.

* Analyze and resolve incompatibility and conflicts between individual DSP algorithms under various modes of system operation

* Estimate processing resources including MIPS, ROM and RAM

* Optimize individual algorithms and total system performance

* Analyze performance impacts of block size, sample rate, memory organization, cache usage and code structure

* Analyze multiple approaches to a problem and chose the best solution based on experience and sound engineering practices

* Present and defend technical decisions to peers and engineering management using facts

* Integrate DSP algorithms with an audio framework, control software and tuning structure and extend the framework as necessary

* Ensure all system components are diagnosable during development and once deployed

* Work closely with other engineering groups to ensure total tuned system performance

* Develop test plans and appropriate test vectors for independent validation of audio features

* Perform regression and integration tests on audio features and systems

* Create models and documentation suitable for other developers to create an implementation.

* Reverse-engineer designs from legacy software.

* Drive peer review of designs. Be an expert authority in reviews of team member contributions.

* Supervise and review contributions from the development team.

* Provide estimates of group programming effort to size the scope of projects.

* Port and optimize DSP algorithms to various processors and make use of available resources, peripherals, accelerators, compiler features, etc

* Investigate new DSP audio related technologies and best practices.

* Create novel software solutions to issues in audio & acoustic systems.

* Work with software team leaders to negotiate resolution of issues.

* Establish and coordinate activities with third party developers and contractors.

* Communicate with peers inside the group to coordinate software development. This includes occasional travel for training or coordination with other groups.

* Manage small projects and technical resources, including planning, estimating and follow through.

* Engineer convincing quick-turn demos using available hardware and software components


Basic Qualifications:

* Passion for audio and music.

* Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, computer science, or equivalent.

* 8+ years of embedded software development or testing.

* 8+ years of C/C++ or other structured language.

* 8+ years of experience in the DSP and/or audio field.

* Experience developing consumer products

* Deep knowledge of filtering, speech processing, noise control and telecommunications algorithms in both time and frequency domains.

* Strong understanding of DSP frameworks and how individual DSP algorithms interface and interact with each other, the control software and tool interfaces in an optimized way.

* Experience with tuning/calibrating systems of algorithms

* Knowledge of features, strengths and weaknesses of various DSP platforms and algorithm approaches

* Expert in several embedded system debuggers, emulators, compilers, etc.

* Working knowledge of embedded operating systems (schedulers, memory management, driver models, RTOS concepts, etc.)

* Experienced working with and/or leading off-shore development teams.

* Strong attention to detail.

* Exemplary verbal and written communication skills.

* Creative problem-solver capable of creating and reproducing complex software defects.

* Capable project management and time management skills.

* Able to read schematics and debug analog and digital hardware.

* Skilled in root cause analysis techniques


Preferred Qualifications:

* Master’s degree or PhD in Electrical Engineering or equivalent

* Experience with multi-core System-on-Chip processors

* Experience developing automotive or military products

* Experience with SPICE compatible software development practices

* Working knowledge of personal computing and mobile device platforms.

* Expert in MATLAB and Simulink

* Deep knowledge of digital communication protocols: I2C, I2S, SPI, UART, USB, BT

* Working knowledge of automotive networks: CAN, LIN, Ethernet, TCP/IP, MOST

* Deep knowledge of audio systems and acoustic principles.

* Very good knowledge of amplifier hardware concepts including data converters, power supplies, output stages and analog filter design

* Ability to solder to aid debugging

  • Job Code
    JPC – 129
  • Experience
    8 Years
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