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Senior Manager, Regulatory Affairs and Certification
Los Angeles area, California - United States
Posted Date - 02/20/18
Primary Skills

Senior Manager, Regulatory Affairs and Certification

Location: Los Angeles, California

Direct hire full time

Full benefits

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Salary + car or car allowance




Responsible for planning and directing the activities of the Regulatory Affairs and Certification group, monitoring their work, and taking corrective action when necessary. Creates strategies for regulation trend research and negotiation with EPA/ARB/NHTSA with regard to environmental affairs and safety affairs. Plans, performs, analyzes results, and reports officially as the representative for all vehicles.


Act as a member of the senior management team; including development of organizational strategy, implementation of short and long term goals and schedules, and budget development and tracking.


Actively participate in the development of the strategic objectives of the organization related to future automotive technologies and manage the objectives assigned to the regulatory affairs and certification for Cypress to completion.




  1. Manage and direct the activities and functions of RAC group related to regulation, regulatory affairs, certification matters, and warranty matters in North America.
  2. Research, investigate, and evaluate regulatory trend with regard to environmental affairs and safety affairs. Report results and recommendations to PARENT COMPANY and other related departments and organizations.
  3. Support PARENT COMPANY job request.
  4. Work toward maintaining high quality standards and continuous improvement of the position and the work organization.
  5. Provide focused direction for regulatory affairs and certification, sharing directions and actions under their control.
  6. Maintain contact with other R and D offices, PARENT COMPANY, and NORTH AMERICA, and arrange appropriate collaboration activities.
  7. Provide clear and timely communication with PARENT COMPANY to support related R and D activities.
  8. Work toward maintaining high quality standards and continuous improvement of the position and the work organization.
  9. Communicate and collaborate with the President and other R and D Senior managers to accomplish corporate objectives through the regular meeting and reporting structure of the organization, ensuring compliance with One Strong R and D.
  10. Mentor and develop staff of the RAC group and assess the resource needs of the group.



  1. Localization of the RAC group through various vehicle development and product improvement projects.
  2. Assist other R AND D divisions and departments as necessary.
  3. Perform any other duties that may be assigned or required.



  1. Bachelor of Science in Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical, or Aerospace) as a minimum.
  2. Knowledge of the processes and systems related to engineering development of automobiles.
  3. 10+ years project leadership or manager/supervisor experience at an automotive OEM and/or supplier.
  4. Multiple model or project management experience.
  5. 5+ years of specialized experience with U.S. environmental regulation certification (i.e. EPA, ARB, NHTSA).



  1. Skill in prioritizing group activities to achieve company targets and deadlines.
  2. Skill in managing budget, human resources and facilities.
  3. Skillful in summarizing business conditions, problems and forecasts to effectively communicate to senior management team and PARENT COMPANY.
  4. Superior management/leadership skills, and have the ability to supervise all types of employees.
  5. Willingness to cooperate with others; obtain and exchange information with R and D employees and employees of other companies. Work with others on common projects.
  6. Must have excellent driving skill with a valid US driver's license, with a good record.
  7. Ability to develop and maintain group standards to ensure accuracy and to improve job quality.
  8. Capable of effective negotiation for procurement of outsourced contracts, capital equipment and vehicle purchases.
  9. Must be able maintain complete confidentiality in all areas, specifically with regards to personnel, data, prototype vehicles, test procedures and various components.
  10. Must possess excellent written, computer, and verbal skills, communicating in a clear and concise manner.
  11. Ability to work in a culturally diverse organization.
  • Job Code
    JPC – 182
  • Experience
    10 Years
  • Required Documents