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Senior Engineer, Regulatory Affairs and Certification
Los Angeles, California - United States
Posted Date - 03/08/18
Primary Skills

Senior Engineer, Regulatory Affairs and Certification

Location: Cypress, CA (LAX area)

Full time direct hire

Full benefits

Car allowance.

No visas



Work with Principal Engineer and COMPANY to create, review, and submit reports and other documentation to regulatory agencies for initial vehicle On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) certification applications. Conduct research on future California OBD regulations and other OEM's OBD systems. Maintain good communication with CARB and ensure regulatory compliance.



  1. Review, complete and submit OBD Certification Applications and letters to California Air Regulations Board (CARB). Inform COMPANY of CARB questions regarding our certification applications. Review and submit COMPANY responses to CARB.
  2. Review modifications and submissions of OBD status report letters to CARB. Inform COMPANY of CARB questions, and submit any response letters to CARB Share this information with other Regulatory Affairs & Certification (RAC) members.
  3. Collect OBD regulation and technical information from CARB, Industry and Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and report to COMPANY. Attend and report on the technical meetings held by CARB, industry and SAE.
  4. Research other OEMs' OBD information via CARB database and website. Conduct data sampling and analysis of other OEMs' vehicles.
  5. Support OBD monitoring development. Join hot and high attitude testing in US and OBD confirmatory test in CA. Conduct data sampling and analysis for prototype and production vehicles.
  6. Conduct PVE J(l) OBD communication testing using draft SAE J1699-3 software, ECU communication protocol. Gather draft information from SAE J 1699-3 taskforce and report to COMPANY.
  7. Support collection and evaluation of PVE J(3) in-use vehicle, OBD performance data from customer vehicles. Analyze and inform the collected results from Procurement Company to COMPANY before submitting to CARB.
  8. Support performance testing group and PSC regarding OBD and engine control system development.



  1. Technical support with OBD system for production vehicle issues.
  2. Technical support with OBD system for Running Change and Field Fix Application.
  3. Support emissions certification planning and activities as needed.
  4. Perform any other duties that may be assigned or required.


  1. Four-year engineering automotive related degree or equivalent.
  2. 5+ years of experience in automotive related field or another R and D environment.
  3. Experience in vehicle certification, gasoline engine performance, and/or engine control development,
  4. Computer literacy, particularly word-processing and spreadsheet ability, Microsoft Office products and
  5. Internet research.
  6. Proven research abilities are required.



  1. Knowledge of government regulations and test procedures/equipment related to automobile emissions and OBD systems.
  2. Ability to analyze and interpret technical data.
  3. Ability to maintain complete confidentiality in all areas, specifically in regard to data and future certification/compliance plans.
  4. Must possess a valid California driver's license and good driving record.
  5. Ability to work in a culturally diverse organization.
  • Job Code
    JPC – 183
  • Experience
    5 Years
  • Required Documents