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Application Engineer – Battery Systems
Austin, Texas - United States
Posted Date - 10/12/16
Primary Skills
Li-ion battery,Battery power system,electrical power supply,High Voltage DC,Battery applications
Application Engineer – Battery Systems
Austin Texas
Full time Direct hire
Full benefits
Company is a leading manufacturer and developer of lithium ion battery systems for commercial vehicles, transport, electric forklifts and pallet trucks, ground support equipment, stationary energy storage and other applications.
Company produces mass-produced batteries on assembly lines at its facility in Austin Texas.
The Application Engineer will execute a sourcing and development strategy that focus on integrating lithium-ion batteries.
He/She will also participate on development projects that introduce innovations to new and existing products.
* Manage complex product development and launch projects related to Li-Ion battery applications
* Perform a variety of tasks to gain familiarity with many types of product applications, company products and organization
* May oversee the work of lower level technical support personnel
* Perform specific and limited portions of more complex assignments for higher-level product engineers
* Solve basic engineering problems using existing methods and/or software
* Compile and analyze test results, formulate conclusions and make appropriate recommendations
* Job may require travel of a scheduled or urgent nature to review applications, discuss problems, etc.
* Design custom tests to analyze failures or validate design concepts
* Develop test circuits and test apparatus to complete development of R&D designs and research
* Conduct standard tests to resolve customer concerns/problems and prepare technical reports on results
* Perform other duties and responsibilities as requested or required
Skills and Specifications
* Minimum 4 years in battery, electrical, or mechanical development environment
* Power System Management with Lithium Ion Exposure
* Project Management
Education and Qualifications
* Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) preferred
* High Voltage Certification Preferred 300V DC +
  • Job Code
    JPC – 75
  • Experience
    4 Years
  • Required Documents